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About Sunshine Holdings Limited
Future Plans

In our continuous efforts to strengthen our market position and increase our market share by leveraging on our strengths, a clear growth strategy has been put in place to drive our continued growth:

Our strategies include:

Leverage on our experience, industry knowledge and market reputation to develop more large-scale mass residential and composite property developments
Focus on selected cities, with strong urbanization and resettlement potential and with few competitors to strengthen our presence and market share in Henan property market
Strengthen the public recognition of our property brand name – “Huilong”
Maintain a sufficient project pipeline through acquisition, joint ventures or business alliances
To lay the foundation for continued growth, we believe in maintaining a sizeable land bank. With a planned aggregate GFA of more than 840,000 sq.m (about the size of 160 football fields), we expect our projects to last for the next 2 to 3 years.

At the same time, we are currently negotiating for 807,000 sq.m of land use rights in Henan.

All of the above, when put together, augur well for our Group as we ride on the rising real estate potential of the Henan province.

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