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About Sunshine Holdings Limited
Competitive Strengths

Strong market positioning
We have been targeting Henan's mass residential and commercial property market in selected cities with strong urbanization and resettlement potential since our establishment. Over the years, we have been experiencing increasing demand for our residential properties from the middle and upper income group of the Henan population. We believe that our accurate market and project positioning enables us to attract our target customers and is the key reason to our high sales rate.

Well-known brand name
We have received numerous awards and certificates by governmental agencies for the high quality of our Group's operations and properties. In 2004, we clinched the coveted “PRC Leading Property Developer” award by the Construction Cultural Centre of the PRC Building Department. We have also been awarded Certificate of Credit Rating Grade AAA by the Xinxiang City Capital Credit Rating Committee for five consecutive years since 2001.

These distinctions enable us to command a strong market presence in our operating cities with a well-known “Huilong” brand name associated with quality developments. We believe that our reputation enables us to command a strong market presence and premium sales prices for our properties.

Multi-project planning and management system
We manage several property developments concurrently to avoid over-reliance on any single project. This multi-project planning and management system also enables us to enjoy economies of scale, and maintain control over timing, quality and cost at all stages of development. Our experience and financial capability to undertake large-scale developments also present an effective entry barrier for smaller property development companies.

Well-established relationships with the Henan government
We leverage on our good relationships with the local and provincial governments of Henan to ensure timely receipt of information relating to policies, land policies and redevelopment of older areas, thereby enhancing our opportunities for future developments. Our group plays a major role in the long-term development of local economy by undertaking major residential and commercial development projects.

Innovative designs and planning concepts
We introduce novel and innovative designs and planning concepts for our residential developments, with strong emphasis on landscaping and surrounding greenery. We send our management team on regular study trips to more developed property markets in China (such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou) to enhance our design and planning capabilities.

Effective sales & marketing strategies
We strategize on appropriate advertising and distribution channels as well as promotional plans. Our sales staff, after specialized training for marketing techniques, provides customers with information relating to financing and title registration of their properties. Alongside, our Group has a sub-division devoted to providing customer-focused after-sales services.

Extensive management expertise and staff-oriented human resources policy
Our management team has established extensive management expertise in property development and investment. We adopt staff-oriented human resources policies and align management interests with those of our shareholders. Staff loyalty in the Group is evidenced by the low turnover of our management team since our incorporation in 1999.

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